Pray Around Altus Schedule 10/15/2021-10/21/2021


The Pray Around Altus Schedule scripture list for the coming week. The prayer schedule is presented by the Jackson County Ministerial Alliance.

Each location listed has been chosen as a special need of prayer on the given day.

The Pray Around Altus Schedule for the coming week:

Day 34, Oct. 15 - That we are a community known for displaying the fruits of the spirit.

Day 35, Oct. 16 - Obedience to the word of God.

Day 36, Oct. 17 - Children that honor God.

Day 37, Oct. 18 - Pray against Prejudice, racial tensions. 

Day 38, Oct. 19 - Pray for boldness.

Day 39, Oct. 20 - Pray for unbelievers.

Day 40, Oct. 21 - Pray for the city of Altus. 


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