Pray Around Altus Schedule


The Pray Around Altus Schedule scripture list for the coming week. The prayer schedule is presented by the Jackson County Ministerial Alliance.

Each location listed has been chosen as a special need of prayer on the given day.

The Pray Around Altus Schedule for the coming week:

Day 21, Oct. 1 - Duke Schools

Day 22, Oct. 2 - Olustee Schools

Day 23, Oct. 3 - Southwest Technology Center                                        

Day 24, Oct. 4 - Amethyst House                                                   

Day 25, Oct. 5 - Altus Fire Department                    

Day 26, Oct. 6 - Salvation Army                                                    

Day 27, Oct. 7 - Altus Police - Jackson County Sheriff’s Office/ - 911 Call Center


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