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Colleges with the most Olympians since Tokyo 2020
lazyllama // Shutterstock According to the National Collegiate Athletics Association, about 75% of the Team USA roster in the 2020 …
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Odds of 50 random events happening to you
Boris Medvedev // Shutterstock Millions of Americans buy lottery tickets each year, even though most people know their chances of …
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Presidential scandals in pictures
Bettmann // Getty Images Scandals have come hand-in-hand with politics for as long as America has been electing presidents: even …
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Seeing yellow: The data behind penalties in the NFL
Icon Sportswire // Getty Images NFL fans never like it when a flag is thrown on their team, especially when an instant replay shows …
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23 astronomical events to look out for in 2023
Canva Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, the first high-definition photos of outer space were able to be seen in 2022. Neat …
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The largest lottery jackpots in US history
Canva Lotteries have been around for a long time across cultures. From ancient Greece to the Han dynasty, people played the odds to …
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US presidents who were elected for a second term, ranked

Stacker dug through the data of C-SPAN's most recent ranking of all U.S. presidents based on a 10-point scale devised by academics to rank those chief executives who served more than one term in office.
Test your news knowledge
The Conversation: U.S. weekly news quiz
From the editors at The Conversation, an independent news organization based in Boston that publishes articles written by academic …
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Toilets spew invisible aerosol plumes with every flush – here’s the proof, captured by high-powered lasers

Every time you flush a toilet, it releases plumes of tiny water droplets into the air around you. These droplets, called aerosol plumes, can spread pathogens from human waste and expose people in …

6 feet of snow in Buffalo: What causes lake-effect storms like this?

Parts of the Buffalo area saw more than 6 feet of snow over three days in November 2022. It’s hard for most people to imagine 6 feet of snow in one storm, like the …

Richest soccer players

Stacker compiled net worth data as well as life and career insights from the wealthiest soccer players in the world using Celebrity Net Worth and other sources.  

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5 product failures that turned out to be successes

ClickUp compiled a list of products that found success in something other than their original intent from a collection of news and expert sources.
Political cartoons from the last 111 years
Edmund S. Valtman // Library of Congress Cartoons have long caught the public's attention, capturing social or political sentiments …
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From Fenway to Lambeau: The oldest sports venue in each state with major league teams
ladyphoto89 // Shutterstock Some wines and beautiful people get better with age, while others fade over the years. The same is true …
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People think they should talk less to be liked, but new research suggests you should speak up in conversations with strangers
Purposely holding your tongue when you meet someone new likely won’t help make a good impression. JackF/iStock via Getty …
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Why are some people mosquito magnets and others unbothered?
Mosquitoes need to feed on blood in order to reproduce. But how do they choose whom to feed on? boonchai …
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Sleeping fish? From sharks to salmon, guppies to groupers, here’s how they grab a snooze
A large group of yellowfin tuna swimming off the coast of Italy. Like all fish, they sleep, but it’s not like human sleep. …
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Most expensive US military weapons and programs
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP // Getty Images With tax season fast approaching, many Americans are wondering where all the revenue …
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Experts rank the best US presidents of all time
Win McNamee // Getty Images Presidents may linger in the collective American consciousness for many reasons. Perhaps they were …
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States with the highest revenue from cannabis taxes
H_Ko // Shutterstock The Drug Enforcement Agency hasn't seen any reason to remove cannabis from its list of Schedule I banned …
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Cities with the most divorced people
ThiagoSantos // Shutterstock There was a time in American society when marriage was, essentially, final—intractable, incapable of …
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States with the most firearms traced to them by the federal government
Jim Watson/AFP // Getty Images Firearm traces by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives begin at the request of a …
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