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Time for someone to make a good basketball uniform


Go to most college and high school basketball games and you’ll see many players on both teams rolling over the waistlines of their shorts or tucking in the pant legs to allow more freedom of movement.

In the last few years, I’ve noticed that every team has at least a few players who adjust their uniforms to fit their body types — usually thinner in the waist and shorter on the leg length.

I’m thinking maybe we’ve carried the sagging pants from our youth too far and it’s affecting basketball uniform styles. But our youth aren’t buying it. They don’t want their clothing to restrict their playing ability.

Hey, all of you entrepreneurs, here’s a tip: build a better uniform and you will fill your pockets with money! Most will call it “retro” uniforms but at least they’ll allow you to move.

If you look back at NBA and college basketball games in the ’70s, men wore shorter shorts that actually fit at the waistline. They didn’t need to roll the waistline down to raise the length of the shorts to allow more movement.

And while I’m talking about high school basketball uniforms, who ever came up with the idea that you have to tuck your shirt in or get penalized? I’m sure it’s to make sure someone isn’t making a statement. But tucked in shirts restrict movement as well and most players who try to get away with untucking them are doing so for freedom of movement, not to make a gangster statement or whatever reason the rule makers give for imposing those rules.

And why is it only enforced on boys’ and men’s games? When was the last time you watched a girls’ game and the referees required a girl to tuck in her shirt? It doesn’t happen. Are the referees being sexist or do the girls not have a similar rule?

And speaking of basketball, if you want to watch some good basketball and just appreciate the athletic ability of players, attend the Western Oklahoma State College games. The best news is that they’re free which gives the local community an opportunity to see skilled athletes spending two years developing their skills before moving on to a four-year college or university.

Altus High School’s Carson Pickett lit up Weatherford for 27 points Tuesday night that almost brought the team its second win of the year. Pickett demonstrates excellent basketball fundamentals and challenges other players to play up to his level. He almost won the game on his own as he scored 27 of the team’s 50 points.

Home games are always exciting as you watch new talent emerge. On Altus’ girls’ team, we’re watching the development of Lakysia Johnson, a sophomore with lots of raw talent. As a freshman, she won the 5A State Championship in the 300-meter hurdles, one of the most grueling races in track and field. Her basketball skills haven’t caught up with her natural athletic ability, but she makes some amazing shots.

The Altus boys’ and girls’ teams will host Anadarko Tuesday night before taking a week off for the Christmas break. The boys will play in a tournament in Duncan starting Dec. 27. WOSC also hosts an annual tournament with local schools during the break period. It should be a good time to see local talent. But don’t expect their uniforms to fit.


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