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This is very important


To the Editor:

The City of Altus has a history of open, democratic and participatory government. However, recent proposals to amend the city charter threatens our system of democratic government. These proposals would silence the voice of the people by taking power away from our community and allows one person (the city manager) to:

  • Adopt a budget plan that would spend taxpayer money without consensus from the community;
  • Appoint anyone the city manager wants regardless of qualifications to serve as head, director, supervisor or staff of a department. This process for appointments is unfair and undemocratic because it allows the city manager to make her appointments…clearly eliminating checks and balances in the confirmation process.

In summary, these propositions would remove a system of democratic and participatory government and replace it with a system open to cronyism, patronage, favoritism and pay-for-play politics. These propositions would silence the voice of the people in government, they are not a community priority and were not brought forth by the community.

It is critical that you vote to abolish all five propositions in November and get your friends and neighbors to get out and vote.

Patricia Blackman



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