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Council to discuss audit updates, Kiwanis Park and Falcon Road at Jan. 8 meeting


The next Altus City Council and Altus Municipal Authority regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 6 p.m. at the Altus Municipal Complex, 509 S. Main St. Both boards are made up of the same members and meet separately and consecutively.

City Council

The agenda for the Altus City Council includes a presentation recognizing Gene Leister and a presentation from Southwest Oklahoma Economic Development Corporation Director Rodger Kerr.

The agenda also includes audit updates for fiscal years 2017 and 2018 and the city manager’s mid-year progress and financial review.

An amendment to the management services agreement between the City of Altus and West Texas Turf (WTT) and the review of a request from WTT for the City of Altus to make repairs to the building at the Greens Golf Course is also on the agenda.

There is also a letter expressing the City of Altus’ intent to allow Altus Public Schools to use or acquire Kiwanis Park for the athletic programs and make upgrades or improvements with funds from the bond issue if approved by Altus voters in February.

Also on the agenda is the proposed acknowledgment of plans by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) to dispose of 0.43 acres of right-of-way at 3008 E. Broadway supported by a letter expressing no opposition. There is also a proposed supplemental agreement with ODOT for the Falcon Road Construction Project. Change orders related to Altus West Falcon Road from U.S. 283 to Belle Street in the amount of $116,780.27 are also on the agenda.

There is also a proposed permanent placement of pedestrian crossing signs near the north entrance of Western Oklahoma State College and Microtel Inn at the request of WOSC and the Altus Police Chief, Tim Murphy.

The agenda also includes the possible authorization of the city manager to look into methods for live-streaming or televising Altus City Council meetings and other events.

Altus Municipal Authority

The agenda for the Altus Municipal Authority meeting includes:

  • an amendment to the management services agreement between the City of Altus and West Texas Turf;
  • investments credits for Western Equipment, LLC in the amount of $122,737.80;
  • an amendment to the Water Tower Attachment Communications Site Agreement between the City of Altus, Altus Municipal Authority (AMA), and Alltell Wireless, LLC;
  • acknowledgment of an equipment upgrade under the Antenna Collocation Lease Agreement with Southwest PCS Properties, LLC; and
  • possible authorization of the purchase of an LKT800 Hydro Excavator for water/sewer maintenance from JR Equipment in Oklahoma City in the amount of $43,000.

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