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Concern over the leaving of Dr. Ashraf Mihanni


To the Editor:

Many of us living in the area served by Jackson County Memorial Hospital are seriously concerned about the recent news that Dr. Ashraf Mihanni’s contract is not being renewed. We’re concerned because we place our trust in both the hospital and the doctors serving there. That trust is on an equal par with the skills and knowledge possessed by those doctors. Our lives, the lives of our families, and the lives or our neighbors depend not only upon having a hospital that has the necessary systems in place to care for us, but also on the doctors, nurses and support staff who make the entire thing work.

We’re concerned that a doctor who has earned our trust is not going to be there when we need him. We’re troubled by the fact that key personnel are leaving the hospital. We’re uneasy because an essential service to our community is being jeopardized, and we can see no viable reason for that jeopardy. The rumors we have heard are not pleasing, but in the absence of facts, rumors are all we have, and we are not happy about that. Failing to renew Dr. Mihanni’s contract doesn’t just affect him. It affects all of us. His 31 years of successful service in this community requires an explanation. It is a fact that Dr. Mihanni is held in high regard by the community, and every effort should be made to maintain his services. Failure to do so can easily undermine confidence in the hospital itself.

Tonya Worbes

Altus, OK


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