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Bulldog fans planning on traveling to see the 2015 Bulldogs continue their playoff run at Coweta on Friday are offered some tips by the Coweta officials.

They suggest taking I-44 to the Creek Turnpike. Then take the Hwy 51 exit east. Follow Hwy 51 to Coweta. The field sits right on the road.

The Coweta High School facilities is under much new construction. The football facility is currently a major part of the building process. The visitors side of the fieldhouse parking has been affected. Only buses and emergency vehicles are allowed inside the construction zone. Coweta is not allowing any parking by fans inside the area.

The fenced construction area is dirt, not paved, and it is very rough. Coweta is asking that visitors park in the high school parking lot located east of S. 305th E. Ave. on the east side of the stadium. Fans will then be required to walk across S. 205th E. Ave. to the visitors’ gate. (see photo)

Coweta apologizes for any inconvenience.

Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. The stadium will open at 5 p.m.

OSSAA cost of admission is $7 per person. The OSSAA play-off pass will be the only pass honored.

Coweta is 7-3 overall and 6-0 in their district. Their losses came against Wagoner 49-34 and McAlester 52-34 in the first two games of the season. There was also another loss in the middle of the year to Maize South in Kansas 49-42.

Since then, the Tigers have won five straight games. Coweta averages a bloated 43 points per contest. Their lowest point total of 27 was last week against Tulsa Memorial. During the five-game win streak, Coweta has outscored its opponents 212-58 including two shutouts against Pryor and Tulsa Edison.

Coweta’s offense is the spread. However, Coweta has balanced numbers with 1,249 yards rushing and 1,977 through the air.

Coweta has 63 kids on their roster and they are senior-loaded with 25 kids in their final season. This is Coweta’s first winning season under coach Jay Wilkinson in his third season.

The Bulldogs are 10-1 and enter this game on a sizzle. The 2015 Bulldogs are rolling in all aspects of the game. The Bulldogs are healthy and confident entering round two of the playoffs.

The 2015 Bulldogs have completely re-written the record books this season.

Altus again leads all classes in rushing at 4,204 yards (record) for an average of 382 yards per game (record). Add the 642 yards passing this season and the Bulldogs are 247 yards away from breaking the 1971 school record of 5,087 yards total offense.

At this time, I count 16 new individual and team records that have fallen already (most by a big margin). There are at least two more set to fall this Friday with another two or three within range if the year continues.

Jayden Benway now holds all three interception records and Taven Birdow has seven school records along with the label of Altus’ only 2,000-yard rusher. We knew he had all three rushing records as he adds to each every time he touches the ball. Birdow now has the total career points, season points, career rushing touchdowns and season rushing touchdowns records.

This is the most prolific offense the Bulldogs have ever had in school history. At 439 yards per game average, this bunch is besting the old mark by near 50 yards per game.

Usually when a team boasts this much success they tend to beat their chests more in a show boat style of attitude.

However, the humility and respect shown by this group is probably the satisfying aspect of being a fan of the Bulldogs. Their attitude on and off the field far exceeds their talent (but only by a little margin).

Sometimes it can look like the media plays favorites. This is due in part to only a few names mentioned in articles, or on the air. It’s because those are the names doing the scoring or the interception somersaults in the end zone.

However, we all know that a team’s success is due to the play of the big boys up front clearing the way. There is no way this offense can do what it has been doing without the high-level performance coming from the offensive line. Coach Dusty Davis’ bunch is due the credit. These kids can work some running room for our ground gainers. It’s great to see.

Of course, an offense looks much better when they constantly are given the ball and many times with a short field to work.

Coach Vargas’ defense is pushing my limits of descriptive text. It is a group of kids that love to play defense.

The entire team’s attitude is my favorite thing to watch.

Attitude reflects leadership.

This leadership with Athletic Director and Head Coach Jeremy Reed has created a culture of winning that is encompassing every team in every sport at every level.

Can you feel it?


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