Trying to solvereligious, racial,foreign problems

Eric Steinkopff - Managing Editor

I typically like to talk about observations in my little column about nothing. Frequently I look at animals and give them human personalities, especially those we don’t see everyday.

Is it because I’m a hunter and just admire nature or just because my “critter watch” reveals something in this world that is pure and straightforward?

Animals are going to behave as animals and you just have to accept that. But I must admit that I am having trouble accepting other things without wishing there was another way.

The world seems to be such a mess recently that it just makes one wonder.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen tragic shootings in Florida, Minnesota, Louisiana, Texas and even Illinois, if you count the gang violence there. And that’s just the stuff that made the news.

It seems that the United States is in such a turmoil. Some people have an opinion and are determined to hurt others who have different opinions.

This isn’t what this country was built upon. We can agree to disagree without turning to violence. Self-defense is obviously an exception.

We have freedom of religion, freedom of speech and dozens of other rights we often take for granted until they are threatened.

It made me want to see if there was a full moon out. Some studies say it affects the way people act, so who knows.

Maybe that was a contributing factor. But it didn’t stop within our borders.

One of the best ways to appreciate this country — flawed as it sometimes is — can be to take a foreign trip. You’ll come back loving the United States. There’s no place like home.

Late this week we saw the driver of a large truck mow down and kill more than 80 people celebrating their Independence Day in France.

Right in the middle of celebrations, people at the beach in bathing suits and flip-flops on vacation, suddenly were the victims of an unsophisticated attack in a truck. Reports were that the driver was swerving and zigzagging to intentionally hit people.

Even before they could determine if this lone individual had terrorist connections, we hear about an attempted coup by the military to take over the government of Turkey.

Many people were killed and there were hundreds of military personnel arrested.

There appears to be ideological and religious differences that may have sparked the coup. It’s unclear which situation would be worse for United States’ interests. I’ll leave that insight up to the political experts.

I think we need to pull together in this country and settle our differences. Even if we don’t like each other, that doesn’t give us the right to verbally or physically assault those with different opinions.

Acceptance and tolerance of those who are different than we are is going to be a key. But we sometimes face those who would not let us live in peace and it is naive to think that they will stop on their own.

We are going to need our collective will and effort to do something about terrorism in the world, before someone drives a truck down the boardwalk or sidewalk at one of our towns or beaches.

You can’t just keep eliminating instruments — airplanes, guns, trucks — and think that will fix everything. What’s next? Take away pointy objects and equip our journalists with large kindergarten-style crayons so you don’t poke your eye out?

I hope our leaders are up to the task and I hope we can get through this election season picking the right people for the job.

Whatever your personal preference might be, I honor and respect your right to make a choice, even if you think I’m not very bright — or possibly the other way around.

Eric Steinkopff

Managing Editor

Reach Eric Steinkopff at or 580-482-1221, ext 2072.

Reach Eric Steinkopff at or 580-482-1221, ext 2072.

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