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by Michael Bush, - [email protected]

There has been some debate over the past several years about what to say when greeting one another at this time of the year. For most, saying “Merry Christmas” has been an acceptable thing to say, but some say “Happy Holidays” instead.

I see nothing wrong in using any variety of season’s greetings in conversation, but some see using the “C” word (Christmas) as something that might offend others, and opt for a more politically correct phrase. I think the debate about offending someone is mostly in the heads of those trying to be politically correct. I’ve never personally seen anyone get offended by someone else telling them to have a “Merry Christmas”. It’s like someone getting offended if they are told to have a “Happy New Year”. Is the recipient of the greeting going to be mad because they are now obligated to be happy all year long?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not minimalizing the recognition of Christmas wishes and the obvious connection to Christ and the holiday. As a matter of fact, I’m a Christian and am fully aware that the holiday is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I’m just saying, at a time of the year when we are suppose to be enjoying the holiday and loving one another, let’s not get worked up over a few words that someone else decides to greet us with. BUT, remember that you have the same option to reply with a greeting of your own, even the one that involves the word Christmas.

So shout “Merry Christmas” from the rooftops if you want to, and put up your Nativity scenes. Don’t worry about who is going to get offended by it because it tells us in the Bible, Matthew 10:33, that “whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” To me this says to not be afraid of showing your faith. Keep Christ in Christmas. It’s okay to say “Happy Holidays”, but if you let the pressure of worldly people persuade you to say “Happy Holidays” when you really want to say “Merry Christmas” then you are denying Him.

So greet me during the season with anything you want, but for me and my house, “Merry Christmas!”

by Michael Bush,

[email protected]

Reach Michael Bush at [email protected]

Reach Michael Bush at [email protected]

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