Altus police radio logs from July 15-18

Intoxicated person, 201 N. Veteran’s Drive.

Property damage, 709 Comanche Trail.

Intoxicated person, 1100 block of Burns Street.

Residential alarm, 416 Pheasant Circle.

Warrants, 820 East Liveoak St.

Burglary, 400 West Broadway St.

Warrants, 600 S. Main St.

Accident with no injury, 1419 N. Main St.

Harassment, 617 West Hardy St.

Violation of protective order, 2500 N. Main St.

Business alarm, 820 N. Main St.

Residential alarm, 500 Sequoyah Ln.

Residential alarm, 1312 N. Adams St.

Business alarm, 400 N. Park Ave.

Burglary, Altus City Cemetery, 2400 Falcon Road.

Burglary, 218 N. Main St.

Vicious animal, 400 S. Central.

Property damage, 2801 block of Park Lane.

Residential alarm, 1413 Belle St.

Remove subject, 1218 N. Grady St.

Reckless driving, Willard and Crain streets.

Animal nuisance, 509 Peacock Drive.

Fight, 900 Hairston St.

Domestic disturbance, 1501 S. Park Lane Apt. 211

Larceny, 613 W. Walnut St.

Warrants, 1045 Elk St.

Animal welfare, 216 S. Lee St.

Business alarm, 219 S. Lee St.

Reckless driving, U.S. 62.

Assault and battery, 1200 E. Pecan St.

Fight, 400 N. Willard St.

Harassment, 801 W. Sutherland St.

Fraud, 509 S. Main St.

Residential alarm, 821 E. Commerce St.

Illegal fireworks, Saturn Street.

Animal bite, 1200 E. Pecan St.

Property damage, 1112 E. Pecan St.

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