City athlete numbers are high

The Altus Recreation Advisory Committee or ARAC met for their monthly meeting Monday at the Kiowa room of the city complex. Members present were Chairman Candice Willingham, Freddy Perez, Theresa Jameson, Brett Willey, Tatum Gallagher, Perry Shelton and Debbie Davis.

Willingham welcomed newest member Steve Allison to the committee.

April meeting minutes were approved.

Theresa Jameson of the Parks and Recreation Department gave the following update on Missile Park projects.

  • Michael Spence of Waurika is working on a financial estimate for services on the upcoming fence construction.
  • Electric Department Superintendent Mike Villareal has contacted a company on LED lighting , they requested a credit application in which the city finance department is assisting him with.
  • The Paint the Project was very successful, with over 100 volunteers. Jameson is making certificates to thank them, and financial and in-kind donors.
  • Jameson met with Altus High School Head Football Coach Todd Vargas, for scheduling of a children’s football camp May 23 -24. Positive discussion was on future activities, such as flag football having a trial run with the 3-4 year old’s. Jameson said “The City of Altus parks and recreation department and the Altus High School are excited about work together, and this is more than the rental of a building. We are bringing two great groups together.”
  • Committee member Debbie Davis gave a revenue report for boys basketball in the amount of $18,198.76, and thus far the total finance report for 2015-2016 is $93, 143.96. The revenue amount derives from players’ fees (baseball, softball, cheerleading, football, girls and boys basketball), concession stands, gate entry fees and donations. Participation in 2015 programs reported the total number of players as 990 in baseball and softball, 46 in cheerleading, 160 in football, 274 in girls’ basketball, 505 in boys’ basketball.

“We are so excited about the success of the recreation department,” said Candace Willingham, chairman Altus Recreation Advisory Committee. “Through the efforts of the recreation department, ARAC board, support from the city council members, and mayor and finance department, the money the recreation department generates stays in the department. The net income is 100 percent re-invested into capital improvement projects. This is just the second year of the new tracking system the finance department put in place. FY 2015-2016 net income is currently being re-invested in Missile Park for the upcoming basketball-softball season. We are making plans to re-invest FY 2015-2016 net income into new basketball courts at the city gym.”

ARAC members also hope the Altus/Southwest Economic Development Corporation for tourism funds will help purchase a new gym floor.

The meeting adjourned with no new business and the next meeting is set for June 13.

By Mary O. Esparza

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