Details of shooting given in affidavit

by Michael Bush, - [email protected]

Terry Randel Drury, 62, of Blair, walked into the Sheriff’s department Tuesday, April 12 and confessed to killing his son-in-law, Jeffrey Mark Garrison, 53, of Blair. Drury said the incident happened in the county just east of Blair.

According to an affidavit released on Thursday, Undersheriff Stacy Randolph received a phone call from the Blair Chief of Police, Joe Poulin that day stating that he had a Misty Garrison call him stating that she received a phone call from her dad, Terry Drury. She said Drury stated to her that he had just killed Jeff and that he was going to the Sheriffs Office to turn himself in.

Chief Poulin advised that he was not sure if the information was correct, but would assist if needed. Chief Poulin said he was aware of addresses where these individuals lived. Randolph requested Chief Poulin’s assistance in this matter to see if they could confirm this information.

At approximately 6:31 p.m., Jackson County Sheriff Roger Levick advised Dispatcher Ryan Daily about the information and told him about that Drury may be coming in to the office to turn himself in.

At that time, Dispatcher Daily advised that a man was already in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. Daily stated a man walked up to the dispatch window with what he thought was a rifle, and the man said, “I need to turn myself in. I just shot Jeff Garrison in the head.” Daily asked him to put the gun down and called the Altus Police Department for assistance. Numerous officers with the Altus Police Department responded to the Sheriff’s Office lobby.

CCTV video later shows that these officers detained Drury, and secured the gun he was carrying. At approximately 6:37 p.m., Chief Poulin advised that he had located the crime scene and a deceased victim.

According to the affidavit, by 7 p.m. the crime scene had been secured on the roadway in front of the address. Upon examination of the scene, a deceased male with a single gunshot wound to the face, later identified as Jeff Garrison, was discovered next to the south side of the roadway.

The crime scene was turned over to Deputy Mike Turner for further processing.

An interview with Drury was then held at the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The affidavit states that during the interview Drury confessed to the crime in question. However, it was also stated that Drury gave two conflicting series of events as to how the shooting happened, neither of which were supported by the examination of the crime scene or the evidence within it.

Further investigation showed that Drury entered the Altus Wal-Mart store and purchase a box of .410 shotgun shells minutes before the shooting took place.

Charges against Drury are homicide-murder in the first degree.

According to Levick, no bond has been set at this time and his initial arraignment is still pending.

by Michael Bush,

[email protected]

Reach Michael Bush at [email protected]

Reach Michael Bush at [email protected]

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