Hospital sees net loss for the month

Staff Reports

At Monday’s Jackson County Memorial Hospital Authority Board of Trustees meeting, Nancy Davidson presented the financials for the month of February. She said that revenue exceeded budget in all categories because of higher patient volumes for the month. Expenses were well controlled and were under budget. However, due to higher than expected employee health benefit costs and increased contractual allowances, the hospital realized a net loss of $593,178 for the month.

In other reports, Amanda Reimer presented the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment. The purpose was to determine the health concerns of the community and to address the concerns in a way to meet the needs. The three focus areas are the following: 1) Access to primary care providers 2) Continue with education and healthcare in the 3 areas identified and 3) Continue to provide events and outreach into the community. The full report is available at

Michelle Ford then reported that the outreach clinics had a total of 232 admissions and 162 outpatient surgeries and observations that were contributed to JCMH for the month of February.

Fixed Assets from Funded Depreciation and Designated Funds to Funded Depreciation were approved in the amount of $20,635.10.

Dr. M. George Zakhary reported from the Medical Staff Executive Committee meeting that was held on March 21. The board approved he reappointment of Jeffrey A. Duncan, DO – Orthopedic Surgery, Active Staff.

Mr. Hartgraves gave the management report that included physical recruitment focusing on searching for a general surgeon and an OB/GYN, and a Women’s Center Update. Final submission of design and construction will be sent to the state in May with anticipated construction to begin mid-summer 2016.

Staff Reports

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