Quartz Mountain getting ready for Spring Break

by Sue Hokanson, - Quartz Mountain Nature Park

What a difference one year makes. March 6, 2016 has Lake Altus-Lugert at 86.31 percent full or down three feet. Last year on the same date the lake was down 31 feet. Due to low rainfall March 2015, the lake level barely rose that month – 0.41 feet or about five inches. Less than an half inch of rain at the lake for the entire month. On average 1.38 inches of rain normally falls during March at Quartz Mountain Nature Park.

There are a series of storms forecast for this week – we’ll see if they materialize. The last several rain chances fizzled for us at Quartz Mountain.

Next week is Spring Break for area schools and quite a few Texas schools. At the moment the forecasts are for sunny days in the mid 70s and mid 80s. Perfect weather for camping, hiking and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. Several people have already been swimming. There is not much sandy beach with the lake 86 percent full. What little sand there is can be found at the main swim beach, down from the grocery store and up from the nature center.

Quartz Mountain Nature Park is a popular location for Spring Break families. In preparation of the influx, the main comfort station by the grocery store has been opened. The comfort station by the paddleboats will be opened late this week. The Quartz Mountain Grocery Store has opened for the season. The Putt n Paddle will NOT be open for Spring Break this year. Weather permitting Lakeview Campground will open up around March 15. Cottonwood Campground and Eagle’s Roost ATV area are not open Spring Break. They will open April 1.

by Sue Hokanson,

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Reach Sue Hokanson at [email protected]

Reach Sue Hokanson at [email protected]

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