Deer watching only at Quartz Mountain

Sue Hokanson, - Quartz Mountain Nature Center

Deer archery season is currently under way. Deer gun season starts Nov. 21. Hunting is not allowed on Quartz Mountain Nature Park property but does occur on adjacent private property. For guest safety, some trails that are very close to private property are closed until after deer season finishes. Rock Creek Canyon and Black Jack Pass Trail are two of the closed trails. Please do not use any trails that are closed.

Some safety tips for non hunters who hike in the fall:

-Wear bright colors (red, yellow, orange tones). Orange vests and hats are advisable.

-Do Not wear browns, black, white or animal colors

-Make some noise as you walk along-it doesn’t have to be loud- just a conversational tone will do. Sound carries very well in the mountains.

– Be courteous. Once a hunter is aware of your presence, don’t make unnecessary noise to disturb wildlife. Avoid confrontations. Hunting does occur on private property. Please stay on park (public) property i.e. do not Trespass.

Do you know November is the month that Oklahomans have more deer/auto accidents?

Here are some stats:

“Drivers are three times more likely to hit a deer in November,” and 18% of all car-deer collisions occur during this month alone.” Deer vehicle collisions are on the rise, as human population increases and urban areas sprawl into deer habitat. Deer populations are also increasing.

But why do so many deer accidents happen in November?

-The mating season is underway and all deer are distracted. Males (bucks) are most focused on finding does to mate with and other bucks to fight with, leaving little attention for oncoming cars!

-Migration is also underway-deer are moving as food sources change (acorns are falling and wheat is sprouting) and

-Deer are foraging heavily in preparation of winter

How Not to Hit a Deer

-Be observant

-Slow down when you see a deer.

-If you see one deer, there are surely more.

– Be more observant when driving at night

-Be MOST vigilant the first two hours of the morning and last two hours of the day.

Quartz Mountain Nature Park has a large deer population. Many people visit in the fall JUST to deer watch. Please slow down as you are driving around Quartz Mountain. Your fellow drivers may be more focused on deer watching than on driving.

Sue Hokanson,

Quartz Mountain Nature Center

Reach Sue Hokanson at [email protected]

Reach Sue Hokanson at [email protected]

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