Altus Approved touts local shopping

Special to the Altus Times

The Altus-Southwest Area Economic Development Corporation or EDC kicked off the Altus Approved shop local program June 15.

More than 40 businesses have participated in the summer promotional program with more joining every day, making for a successful inaugural launch of the Altus Approved program, according to organizers.

Businesses have also enthusiastically flooded social media with their own photos of the program.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor has compiled statistics on how programs that encourage residents to shop locally can help businesses stay afloat. They have shown that choosing a few local businesses that would affect a customer’s daily life if they closed, and becoming a dedicated customer will help keep those businesses open, according to program proponents.

Statistics state that if half the employed U.S. population spent $50 each month at those local businesses, their purchases would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue. By spending money locally, Altus residents are generating revenue for their neighbors and for the community.

“Being a smart shopper is beneficial anywhere, but it is especially crucial in Altus,” said Brian Bush, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and EDC director. “Our local residents and their shopping patterns have a massive effect on our local economy. That’s why I am fan of Altus Approved.”

Organizers hope the program serves to create shopping excitement over the summer months and encourage customers to spend their dollars in Altus, providing a way for residents to proudly support their economy.

Special to the Altus Times

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