Date rape drug suspected in possible sexual assaults

June 20, 2014

Altus Police are currently investigating three suspected cases of sexual assaults against women. Police believe the three victims may have been drugged while consuming small amounts of an alcoholic beverage.

According to Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy, the investigations began when two of the victims came to the police department on Monday. The third victim came to the police department on Tuesday. The victims told investigators they had attended separate gatherings, both public and private, the night before. All stated they consumed a small amount of an alcoholic beverage and awoke the next morning with no recollection of what had happened the night before.

Police believe the suspect(s) used a drug that causes victims to pass out, or not remember what took place, commonly referred to as the “date rape drug”.

The sexual assaults of these victims, within a 2-3 day period, leads investigators to believe the crimes could be connected, and that the possibility exists that other women could have been victimized.

“Possible victims could either be afraid or embarrassed to come forward and report it to law enforcement,” said Murphy. Altus police encourage all victims to report sexual assaults.

Here are tips that could keep you from being a victim of rape or sexual assault: When going to a gathering or party, go with friends; never leave a party or event with someone you don’t know; try to avoid alcoholic beverages; get your own drink and keep an eye on it; meet your date at a public gathering; plan the date in advance; avoid secluded places; trust your instincts and assert yourself; Don’t be afraid to say NO.

If you are a victim of a sexual assault, report the crime to police. Do not change clothes or bath/shower. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

“Remember that you are not to blame,” added Murphy.