Commissioners approve appropriations for revaluation assessment

Jason Angus

April 28, 2014

Jackson County Commissioners approved, during their regular meeting on Monday, a transfer of appropriations for the County Assessor’s visual inspection in the amount of $25,000. Each year the County Assessor’s Office performs a re-valuation of commercial businesses in a quarter section of the county. For the 2014 FY the Assessor’s Office seeks a contract with Total Assessments Solutions Corp., to revalue the northwest quarter of Jackson County.

Commissioners approved minutes from the previous meeting, and then a bid for $400 for a Commissioners’ Sale by Jackson County Treasurer Renee Howard on property acquired at resale, located at 208 E. Everett.

Commissioners then designated Requisitioning Officers, Cary Carrell and Kirstie English for Expo Center Accounts: Expo 1A, Expo 1C, Expo 2, and Expo 3, and designated Receiving Officers, Chris Leveille and Keith Osborn, for Expo Center Accounts: Expo 1A, Expo 1C, Expo 2, and Expo 3.

Lastly, Commissioners approved to renew a contract for detention transportation between the State of Oklahoma of Juvenile Affairs and Jackson County Commissioners, July 1, through June 30, 2015.

After approval of claims the meeting adjourned.