Greens of Altus new ‘driving to thrive’ game plan

Jason Angus

March 9, 2014

The City of Altus has gotten serious about boosting activity at the Greens of Altus Golf Course, located at the East end of Altus on Hwy 62, by giving it all the right elements to grow: a dedicated grounds keeper, it’s own well water source, and an experienced manager with a clear vision. The Greens of Altus now has a new driving force.

The City of Altus City Manager Elizabeth Gray said that they are excited to begin this new chapter at the Municipal Golf Course. “As we currently do not have the budget to hire a new golf director, Mr. Perez has agreed to take on additional duties and supervise the Greens of Altus,” Gray said. “He has already listened to the employees at the Golf Course and together they have generated some great ideas. He has been in this position approximately one week and beautification projects have already begun. He and Walt Duncan, our Greens Keeper, have some ideas to host clinics and other events at the Greens of Altus. I look forward to seeing the progress that will be made this coming year. “

“Our biggest goal is to get our greens going,” said the new Greens of Altus Manager, Freddy Perez. “My hope is by the end of the summer that we have the best greens in Southwest Oklahoma.” Perez is also the Parks and Cemetery Manager.

The Greens of Altus is home to dedicated golfers and Altus High Schools golfing teams alike, but it hasn’t been a course to brag about to entice new golfers. As the course has enormous potential for increased tournaments, practice, and recreation, just one person was in charge of promotion, administration, and tending to the greens.

“They’ve been talking about this for a month now on taking it over and helping out the Greens Superintendent Walt Duncan,” Perez said. “He didn’t have any help. He’s been here by himself for a long time. We’re going to get him stuff that he needs to make this place thrive.Walt has a lot of knowledge, he just hasn’t had a chance to put it out there because nobody has been here to help back him up.” Perez will also provide more man power with already seasoned workers in his Parks and Cemetery Department.

Perez plans to help make the Greens of Altus more “advertisable” by allowing Duncan to devote all of his time to the greens and outside grounds, while he takes care of all the management responsibilities.

“I need to be out here paying attention to these greens and doing research, or whatever I can to make sure they do thrive,” Duncan said.

Soon the course will have developed its own source of water to bring forth plush fair ways and green greens.“The first thing is to get our greens back in shape,” Perez said. “They are new greens, just two years old.” In the next few weeks they will begin construction on water wells dedicated just for the greens and fairways. They plan to make the course more challenging by adding more bunkers, and after having felled many dead trees, workers are set to remove several tree stumps.

“Walt did a lot of cleaning up and cut trees down this winter and there were a lot of stumps behind, so we have a contractor who is going to come in here and grind all the trees out of the golf course.”

Perez and Duncan share the same dream to begin holding tournaments in the near future. “Our ultimate goal is to start making tournaments, and also to have kids and adults come back and play at our golf course, and to get a lot of our members to come back and playing here,” Perez said. They hope that soon several schools, in addition to Altus High School, will use the course for practice and have many competitions. They also want to schedule twilight tourneys and petticoats.

The Altus Girl’s team has a tournament scheduled for April 8.

Perez stated that he has a lot of interest in the Greens of Altus, not just because he enjoys taking on new challenges, but because he loves the sport.

“I’m a golfer,” Perez said. “I took this on as a labor of love more than anything else. I really want this place to thrive, because I play here.”