Scholarship given at Livestock Auction, Lemaster Auctioneer remembered

Jason Angus

March 4, 2014

Christy Lemaster presented Lynia Alexander, Blair FFA President, with a $500 Scholarship in memory of her late husband and auctioneer, Kenneth Lemaster, at the Junior Livestock Show Premium Auction on Monday.

“Every time Kenneth would be around her, she would smile and say God Bless you mister Lemaster. Every time,” Christy Lemaster said. “She is an awesome girl. She’s gonna go places.”

Kenneth Lemaster, who passed away in June, 2013, was an auctioneer at the Jackson County Junior Livestock show for 38 years. “He was one of the three originals. Before him was his father and before that was his grandfather. Last year was his 38th, and it was his last year because he was battling a malignant brain tumor. The cancer took his whole right side and he was in a wheelchair so they went out of their way to make the stage to where he could get on it. There are just amazing people here at this Jackson County Livestock Show.”

Christy Lemaster read a letter before presenting the award, written by Kenneth, stating although 2013 was a tough year for him with chemo and radiation, the crowds showed up and the event organizers made the stage so he could get on it and allowed him to auctioneer even though he wasn’t at full capacity.

“People would come by and pray with him everyday when he couldn’t get out anymore. He was presented the Blue and Gold award from Altus FFA and was honored into the Hall of Fame Blair FFA. But when he couldn’t get out of the wheelchair, guys would pick him up and put him in the car. It’s not so much a testimony about Kenneth, but about Altus.”

From left: Lynia Alexander (President of Blair FFA), Christy Lemaster, Kim Burley, and Melissa Tripe.