City gets light tower for night crime investigation

Jason Angus Reporter

January 3, 2014

The City of Altus received a new light tower generator last month for use by Altus Police Department for nighttime crime scene investigations and power supply during power outages.

“It can be run at night out at crime scenes to search in fields and weeds,” said Altus City Emergency Management Director Lloyd Colston. “It will light up the acreage for you so you don’t have to use flash lights, and it also serves as a back up generator in case of an ice storm or power outages.”

Colston explained that the diesel powered light tower and generator was donated to the State Emergency Management by Terex Corporation and received on Dec. 17.

“They donated it to the state and passed it out to us and I am happy to have that partnership with them,” Colston said. “Its a useful tool for what we got it for. They tell me this morning that they have already used it.”

The light tower was used the same night it was received during an investigation of a shooting on the 800 Block of N. Jackson where two men were shot during an apparent break in, lighting up two nearby properties and the Tabernaculo de la Palabra Roca en el Desierto Church parking lot.

“It’s already been utilized at crimes scenes at dark and has been a great help to us,” Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said.

The light tower also functions as a generator in the event of a power outage affecting the City of Altus.