Disposed Christmas Trees to be recycled

Jason Angus Reporter

December 27, 2013

As the Christmas season comes to a close followed by a New Year dawning, lights and ornaments are taken down from the porch and put back into boxes until next year, and live Christmas trees are put to the curb.

Rather than setting them to the curb, City of Altus residents are encouraged to drop off their Christmas Trees over at the City Reservoir near the Altus Dog Park, where the Sanitation Department has a fenced off area.

Altus Parks and Cemetery Supervisor Freddy Perez stated that the City designates this area every year for people to dispose of their old Christmas trees to be picked up and turned into mulch.

“This is designed so people don’t put them in the alleys,” Perez said. Citizens will have the the next few weeks to dispose of their Christmas trees.