Snow, ice adds to precipitation levels

December 24, 2013

According to OSU Extension Educator, Gary Stickland, moisture from the three snow and ice storms the area has been hit with since Thanksgiving has left us with approximately 2+ inches of additional moisture. “It’s hard to say exactly how much we received,” said Strickland. “The first snow we received was pretty dense, so I think some areas received about a half inch of precipitation; the second snow was more powder, so I think we only received about a fourth of an inch from it; and the ice storm this past week left our area with about another half inch of precipitation.” The photos here show a Christmas decoration coated in ice, and a tree with individual leaves frozen. Trees, fences, and everything else, were coated in it through Monday. Strickland said that although some might not have liked the snow and ice, it did leave our area with a decent amount of precipitation, which helped with the drought conditions and crops.