Body Found

December 12, 2013

According to Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy, a body believed to be Tracy Allen has been unearthed at a search site near the north shore of Tom Steed Reservoir. Authorities have been investigating her disappearance for 12 years. Murphy said the murder suspect, Allen’s former husband Garland Paul Allen, directed authorities where to find the her body after being brought back to Altus after his recent arrest. He has been charged with 2nd degree murder.

Garland Paul Allen, a former Altus resident, has been living in Hillsboro, Texas. He had been on the run from authorities, but was apprehended by Wise County Texas Authorities and was brought back to Altus a week ago.

Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said he was at the search site near the north shore of Tom Steed Reservoir in Kiowa County all day Tuesday while personnel from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office searched for remains. “They were scraping the soil layer-by-layer,” said Murphy. The body was said to have been buried in some type of sleeping bag just a few feet from the surface.

On Wednesday, Murphy released that remains thought to be Tracy Allen were recovered and have been sent to the State Medical Examiner’s office to be processed.

“We hope that this will positively identify the remains as Tracy Allen,” said Murphy.

According to earlier reports, in May 2001, the suspect’s mother told police that her son, Garland Paul Allen, showed up at her front door with the couple’s two children. He told his mother that Tracy had run off with another man.

Records show that the couple had a “rocky” relationship and that police were called to many domestic disturbances and custody issues involving their two children. In September 2000, the couple divorced and Tracy and her two children began living on their own.

On or about May 2001, investigators believe Garland Allen killed Tracy Allen by striking her in the head and about the body with a rifle. He then disposed of her body by concealing her in a piece of carpet and burying her body at an unknown location.

Altus police detectives, Bill Perkins, and Rusty Williams, working with former Harris County Texas Prosecutor Kelly Siegler, former Las Vegas crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary and Ret. Houston homicide detective Allen Brown of the T.V. series Cold Justice, brought this investigation to a close.