City-wide power outage restored quickly

Michael Bush, managing editor

November 26, 2013

The City of Altus lost a feeder line from Oklahoma City early this morning, causing a city-wide power outage. The first areas to regain power were E. Broadway and the Ridgecrest Road areas. Most areas north of Tamarack Road were not affected. By 7:45 a.m., power was back to the majority of the City.

Emergency Management Director, Loyd Colston, said that if anyone is still without power, they should call 481-2241.

The City of Altus sent out voice and text messages this morning informing residents of the outage, and that they were working to restore power. Along with this message was a note that Altus Schools would start an hour late.

Western Oklahoma State College also sent out message to students that their power had been restored, and that business and classes would continue as usual.

Colston stated in case of any type of emergency, it is better to be informed that afraid. He suggests watching local and area media, as well as the Altus Ready twitter and blogs. They can be found at:,,, and