City Council authorizes engineering plan for Water Treatment Plant

Jason Angus Reporter

November 6, 2013

The AMA and City Council received an update on the Water Treatment Plant, and a Council member “digs for gold” in the Altus Municipal Landfill, during the regular meeting held Tuesday, Nov. 5, in Council Chambers of the Municipal Complex.

Project Engineer Steve Cesar stated during the presentation that they resolved any issues raised by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and are ready to resubmit the engineering report to ODEQ for final approval. Councilman Chad Osborne resigned from the Altus City Council during the presentation (see related story below).

“We expect to get fairly quick approval after resubmittle,” Cesar said. Engineering plans are designed for water to be filtered through the Conventional Plant, in through cartridge filters, and then continue on through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant. Cesar will include plans for clear-well baffling and to add chlorine injection points to help control THM’s of the distribution system, and is to specify that the RO membranes will be replaced within 1 year. He stated that this plan will bring the Water Plant into compliance with ODEQ regulations.

During consideration of the consent agenda at the beginning of the meeting, Councilman Osborne raised concern about a purchase order for $220, 993.20, to be paid to the contractor working on Veteran’s Lane Waterline relocation project. As a result of construction, a hump in the roadway has developed as well as damages to the parking lot at the VFW. A question was raised about withholding payment until repairs were made. In order to review the contract, the item was revisited at the end of the AMA meeting for further discussion when Council approved to pay the purchase order.

The AMA denied a draft Request For Proposal (RFP) to solicit proposals to select a contractor for solid waste collection and disposal services, and also denied a draft RFP to solicit proposals to select a contractor to lease the Altus Municipal Landfill. During discussion of the two separate items, the current contractor, M&B Contracting, reported the initial phase of alleyway debris removal is more than halfway complete. Owner Raymond Moody stated they are going to begin working on Section 7 of 12, reporting having removed over 160 tons of debris last month.

Also during discussion, Councilman Mike Patterson stated that contracting out the operation of the Altus Municipal Landfill could become a huge liability, where a lucrative revenue could be realized through expanding use of the landfill beyond City use as owned by the City of Altus.

“I think we need to do a long study,” Patterson said. “I think we could have a goldmine out there of millions of dollars a year in revenue. We need to investigate taking trash from East to West. We’ve got the landfill. We’ve got hundreds of years of space out there. Why are we not doing this? I think it’s ridiculous to talk about contracting this out. What if we contracted this out to somebody who did exactly that and they start making $6 million dollars a year in revenue?”

Other items approved during the AMA meeting include Resolution No. 2013-43, for a budget amendment to reflect $6,300 in Strategic Military Planning Grant money for the Falcon Road and Park Lane waterline relocation projects; Resolution No. 2013-44, for a budget amendment to move this FY’s funds of $100,000 budgeted for landfill expansion; Resolution No. 2013-45, for a budget amendment to reflect Strategic Military Planning Grant money for the Veteran’s Lane waterline relocation project; Resolution No. 2013-46, for a budget amendment for a reduction in plant chemicals with an offsetting reduction in water revenue.

The AMA also approved Bid #13200 to AMI Investments, LLC, d/b/a Nighthawk of Irving, Texas, for 48 residential disconnect/reconnect meters for a total of $19,934.88, paid through a check from OMPA Cups Program; approved Bid #14000 for an open channel-electric grinder to JWC Environment, LLC of Santa Ana, Calif., at a cost of $55,500; authorized purchasing department to advertise for bids for materials to construct a single phase electric line for the service to the Yates Farm, property owned by the AMA.

The AMA rejected all bids for Copper Sulfate Aqueous Solution for the Water Treatment Plant, and approved Bid# 13300 for Liquid Chlorine, to Brenntag Southwest, Inc., of Nowata at $0.46 per pound, totalling an annual cost of $60,000 for the Water Treatment Plant.

During the City Council meeting, Council declined an offer to sell or lease “The Greens of Altus” City Golf Course to Tom Sweeny of Burkburnett, Texas, and discussed the status of the course.

Council approved Resolution No. 2013-47, appointing Maranda Rayburn, V.P. of Great Plains Pump & Construction, Inc., of Mustang, as purchasing agent for the Falcon Road and Park Lane waterline relocation projects; Resolution No. 2013-48 for a budget amendment for the Hunter Pointe Bridge Project, funded from sale of property to Wilmes for $78,750 and $17,100 from Shurway, Inc., (received last FY); and Resolution No. 2013-49, filing and notifying the public of Supplement #32 to the Altus City Code 1980.

Council also approved a subscription agreement between the City and Insurance Information Exchange, a unit of ISO Claims Services, Inc., related to the Altus Municipal Court, providing a copy of monthly conviction reports to them at a price of $35 per monthly file.

Council also approved a contract between the City and Skulls Unlimited International, Inc., for the pick up and disposal of all dogs and cats euthanized by the City for a one year period, for an educational study.

Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy stated, “In absolutely no way are we going to influence the number of animals that have to be euthanized. It’s not gong to change our goal. Our goal is to try to find homes for all the animals out there.”

Council also approved Ordinance No. 2013-18 pertaining to dumping solid waste in City dumpsters, prohibiting non-residents from depositing garbage and trash in residential or business dumpsters, for which the non-resident does not pay a monthly fee for garbage and trash collection services. Violators are subject to receive a penalty.

There was no cause to enter executive session, no new business or Mayor’s Appointments.

After comments and reports from the City Administrator, Council members, and Mayor, the meeting adjourned.