Quarterbacks: they shouldn’t always receive the blame

October 20, 2013

I have said many times in the past that quarterbacks gets too much of the credit when his team wins and to much of the blame when the team loses.

At least that is the way it is some times.

I found some pretty good reasons lately to back up that claim.

I want to go no further than the beloved Dallas Cowboys and their much maligned quarterback Tony Romo.

Certainly Romo has been criticized quite a bit in the past and certainly he has deserved it. Don’t misconstrue what I am about to say about Romo. I am not a fan of Tony Romo and I do question if he will ever get the Cowboys to a Super Bowl or even help get the team to the Super Bowl.

Last week I talked to a couple of Cowboys fans and I found myself in a position to defend Romo.

It was about Dallas’ 51-48 loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos two weeks ago. These fans and I must say they do know some football but I had to disagree with them on their assessment of the game.

Romo threw an interception in the last two minutes of the contest and that led to Denver’s winning field goal. These fans wanted to put the blame squarely on him. Wait a minute I said, let’s take a look at this one incident. Yes, Romo has made himself famous for making bonehead plays late in the game. First of all he stepped on the foot of an offensive lineman at the time he made the delivery and that made the throw difficult, plus the defensive back making the interception left his feet and made a spectacular. But I really don’t want to make excuses for Romo. I want to look at the broad picture of this game.

Look at Romo’s line in the game. He 502 yards passing, four touchdown passes and one interception. Oh by the way didn’t I mention that the Romo led offense scored 48 points. So I have one question. Where in blue blazes was the defense? Isn’t 48 points against what many believe is the best team in the league, enough to win a game. Maybe any game. Romo’s interception certainly hurt but his line is pretty good. Can’t say that for the so called Dallas Cowboy stopper unit. I don’t care if they did face one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. You shouldn’t let them hang a half of a hundred on you. Ninety nine percent of the blame is on the defense. To me, that is a no brainer.

Now I would like to turn the clock back one more year and talk about some OU fans on the same subject. Landry Jones, who is now a backup quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers was the focus of lot of criticism during his career with the Sooners. And again he did deserve some of that. Too many times he threw into double and triple coverages and too many times the end result was not good.

Yet fans have a tendency to look at only the bad. I believe you should also look at the good.

Let’s remember back to the West Virginia game where the Sooners won a 50-49 shootout.Then there was the OSU game in which OU won 51-48 in overtime. My question is where would OU had been without Landry on those days. Easy answer. Sooner fans would have endured two more losses. Oh, by the way he is the leader in most passing statistics at OU.

I know of two OU fans told me last season they would be glad to see Landry go.

Really. Have you seen the offensive the past two weeks against TCU and Texas.

I don’t want to rag on Blake Bell but his inability to throw the ball up field accurately has been a detriment to the offense. TCU Coach Gary Patterson and his staff figured that out and Texas followed. When you can’t throw it up field defenses can crowd the line of scrimmage, make it difficult on both the running game and the short passing game. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to think of that.

I will go one step further. If Landry Jones had eligibility left and had played last Saturday, OU would have won the Texas game.

Texas fans would tell me I can’t prove that and they are right. But that’s my opinion and Jones certainly had a lot of success the last two games he played in against the Longhorns.

The fans I have talked about are good fans, I just disagreed with the assessments. Let me talk about some people that are not good fans.

It’s down in Houston where Texans fans embarrassed themselves even though I don’t know if they are smart enough to recognize it.

Starting quarterback Matt Schaub has not been playing well this year and that has been well documented. Four straight games he threw pick sixes which are otherwise known as touchdowns returned for touchdowns.

He goes down to injury in the Texans game with the St. Louis Rams. Thousands of Houston fans yelled and applauded loudly. I can’t properly come up words to describe these people. Classless, barbaric doesn’t see to fit. Let just say I think their idiots.

Cheer for a hurt man. I just can’t understand that line of behavior.

Now let me switch sports. I want to talk about baseball. Specifically former Western Oklahoma State College player Andrelton Simmons who recently completed his first full season as starting shortstop for the Atlanta Braves.

Simmons who hit. 250 this season has been acknowledged by some national sports writers as the best defensive shortstop in the game.

He set a record for most runs taken away which is recorded when a defensive player makes a player during a time when runners are in scoring position.

That’s very impressive to me. I believe some day he will win a gold glove award for being the top shortstop in baseball. Maybe more than one.