Council to consider new water sources

September 29, 2013

The regular meetings of the Altus Municipal Authority and the City Council will be held Tuesday in Council chambers. The AMA will kick off at 6:30 p.m., immediately followed by the Council meeting.

AMA agenda items include approving the consent agenda, budgets, as well as the award of a bid to Great Plains Pump & Construction for the Falcon Road & Park Lane Water Line Relocation Project.

The regular Council meeting will also include old and new budgets, purchase orders, payroll, reports for the City and School Swimming Pool, and the Southern Prairie Library System.

Council will consider, discuss and vote to take action on all new water sources, including without limitation, groundwater sources, identified, being considered or being investigated by the City administration and/or any offers made to the City administration by any individual or entity to sell, barter or otherwise provide Altus water. This agenda item does not include Round Timbers.

In executive session, council will have confidential communication between the governing body and its legal counsel relating to a pending action against the City with Iva Rodgers and to possible take appropriate action including participating in a settlement conference/mediation.

Council will also discuss in executive session the purchase or appraisal of real property, new alternative groundwater sources, and in open session, vote to take any appropriate action.

Before adjourning, comments and reports will be heard from the City Administrator, Council members, and Vice Mayor.