Davidson author to hold book signing in Frederick

September 14, 2013

Author Travis Galen Smart of Davidson will hold a smart book signing on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Tillman County Historical Society, N. 9th & w. Floral Ave., in Frederick.

His book is titled, “My People it’s Time to Come Home.”

In talking about the book, Smart says, “Have you ever wondered about your purpose in life? It was a long time before I ever knew I had a purpose. Everything seemed that it was self-serving in life: you were supposed to have a family, a nice house, and a nice car with money in the bank. Then one day it hit me: life was not all about me. I found out that life was about friends and family, about community and relationships. I saw that to me, it was about helping kids by being a coach, and it was my purpose to be a father to four wonderful children, and to be a loving husband to my beautiful wife. This revelation caused me to take a look back at my family’s history, and as a result I found some of the greatest stories I have ever heard. I saw love, hope, strength, loyalty, and honor. Most importantly, I saw faith.”