Coffee Cup Bunch to be treated to Wild Cow Tales

September 1, 2013

The Coffee Cup Bunch of the Friends of the Library will hear a review of Ben Green’s Wild Cow Tales presented by Joe Buchanan at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at the Altus Public Library.

In 13 stories full of rope burns and brush scratches, Ben Green, the author of the classic Horse Tradin’, tells of the days when he made a specialty of catching wild cows. He calls himself a “stove-up old cowboy,” and readers learn soon enough where the broken bones came from. Green tells of his adventures with wild steers, sharing with readers the years he worked in thorny brush and canyon country delivering those animals that were too wily or too wild for the normal roundup. Finding them was hard, even dangerous, work. Few cowboys looked for such chores. Green declares, “I got real good at it, but of course in those days I didn’t know any better.”

“I received a set of Ben Green books as a Christmas present last year. I knew they had long been favorites of my Uncle Mark’s,” said Buchanan. “As soon as I read the introduction of Wild Cow Tales, I was hooked. I really identified with Green’s statement that ‘being a horseman and a cowboy is a disease and no treatment will do any good.’”

“I’ve always enjoyed hearing – and telling – a good wild cow story. And, I’ve been known to embellish a few of mine,” Buchanan continued. “So, the review will probably be a mix of Green’s stories and my own!”

“Joe told me he’s been practicing his Houlihan loop and that he’s planning to bring some cowboy gear,” commented Jennie Buchanan, program chair for the Coffee Cup Bunch. “So, I’m sure we’re in for an entertaining book review!”

Buchanan has loved all things western since he was a youngster. When he received his first horse from Santa, he declared that it was the “best Christmas ever,” and he’s owned horses ever since then. A graduate of Altus High School, Joe is a firefighter for the City of Altus and partners with his brother and sister on the Buckin’ B Ranch.

The Coffee Cup Bunch meets on the first Wednesday of each month. The meetings are free and open to the public.