Small voter turnout; Franchise proposition passes

August 15, 2013

There was low turn out for the Altus Special Municipal Election held on Tuesday. Qualified voters voted on a new gas franchise with CenterPoint Energy Oklahoma Gas for a 25-year municipal franchise permit with the City. Of the 204 votes cast, 32 were “no” and 172 “yes”. CenterPoint Energy will now be granted a non-exclusive franchise with the right to enter into public ways to install, operate and maintain a distribution system along, across, over and under the public ways to transport, distribute, and sell gas to consumers in Altus. CenterPoint Energy would also be required to pay a 3% franchise fee to the City of Altus.

Election results by precinct: Precinct 1, Altus Best Western, 31 yes, 5 no; Precinct 2, Altus Community Center, 21 yes, 4 no; Precinct 3, Southern Prairie Library, 13 yes, 3 no; Precinct 6, Masonic Lodge, 41 yes, 9 no; Precinct 7, Southside Baptist Church, 10 yes, 0 no; Precinct 10, St. John’s Baptist Church, 16 yes, 6 no; Precinct 14, Prince of Peace Catholic Church, 40 yes, 5 no; and Precinct 23, Martha Town Hall, no votes.